Animals & Youth in Crisis
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Where We Stand
Denkai's strategic plan with this campaign is to stabilize our Sanctuary site in Grover through paying off the note due. We have until May 1, 2013 to refinance or pay this note off.

In the meantime, we are maintaining a presence through an office location that provide subsidized veterinary services as well as a food bank for those in need and adoption services for rescued animals.  This is a small 1000 sf facility in a highly visible location.

Once our Grover property is secured, we will be adding needed structures for shelter and housing.

Our final step will be to locate property near the Greeley and surrounding area and build a facility from the ground up to aid pet animals and our local municipalities that is cost and energy efficient.

Denkai’s Mission

Denkai Animal Sanctuary is set up to provide Sanctuary and rescue services to animals in need while working with our local youth enabling them to become productive members of our society.

Denkai Adoption Center currently acts as holding for local municipalities; stray animals, those impounded as part of cruelty and neglect cases, and animals that would otherwise be euthanized by shelters nationwide. The need for this service in our area is overwhelming.
  • See Denkai's Resume, page 6, PDF below.

Below are the many goals we are able to reach thanks to this Adoption Center location:
  • To continue providing rescue, rehabilitation, and placement for companion and other domestic animals in need.
  • To build on the quality of care given to the animals at the new Adoption Center facility through veterinary care, foster and adoptive homes.
  • To continue our outreach programs serving people and pets in need in our local and national community.
  • To become a leading organization in our industry.

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