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Denkai's past, present and continued future successes are due in large part to the skills, talents and dedication of its volunteers..

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Volunteers are vital to Denkai and provide the knowledge and expertise to contribute to the organization’s mission and vision through community. Members learn more and develop professionally through a range of volunteer positions while making a direct impact on the needs of homeless animals and youth in need. Denkai makes a commitment to invest in the recruitment, orientation, training, evaluation, recognition and resources to support volunteer development.

As a Sanctuary volunteer, you are contributing to one of the most respected animal organizations. You are also joining thousands of volunteers who desire to impact the health and well being of the world’s animals. We hope your volunteer experience provides an opportunity to develop leadership skills, network with other volunteers, and promote personal and professional growth. Your role is important and provides the potential to be as significant as you choose to make it.

Learn more below:
  • Goals
  • Benefits of Volunteering
  • Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in Volunteering with Denkai, please download and print the documents below, fill them out, sign and send them to us:                                         
22633 Road 17.6 
Yellow Jacket, CO 81335
Denkai Volunteer Application Document
Denkai Volunteer Code of Ethics Document
Colorado Equine Activity Liability Act Document

  • Goals
1. To set up and maintain a sanctuary (no-kill shelter) to provide permanent shelter for farm animals, mustang horses, and other domesticated animals; to rescue unwanted, abandoned, and/or abused animals; to provide adoption network services; and to provide information on the care and treatment of animals.

2. To research, monitor, and document inhumane or abusive treatment of farm animals, mustang horses, and other domesticated animals throughout the United States and to seek reform when abuses are found.

3. To conduct educational programs and seminars for the general public regarding the prevention of animal abuse through newsletters, news releases, and media presentations.

4. To set up and maintain a self-sustainable living environment for people and animals through agricultural sources such as organic gardening, composting, and alternative energy sources.

5. To provide shelter, volunteer opportunities, and alternative living for at-risk youth.

  • Benefits of Volunteering
Investing in volunteer activities benefits not only the organization, animals and many children/teens, but your personal and professional renewal. One of the greatest rewards to volunteering can be the satisfaction of doing the work itself. Members have indicated the following additional benefits to their volunteer experience:
  • New interests
  • Networking opportunities
  • Contribution to a cause
  • Creative outlet
  • Sense of purpose
  • New relationships
  • New skill development
  • Group affiliation
  • Recognition
  • Professional growth
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Fun!

Volunteer Opportunities
  • Gifts of time and talent
A variety of meaningful service opportunities using diverse skills, experience and knowledge are available to volunteers. Whether your interest is in direct work with the animals, writing, curriculum development, leadership, strategic planning, mentoring, speaking or fund raising, we will help you find a fulfilling volunteer position to meet your needs.