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If you are somebody who loves animals, but just doesn't have the room or time to Adopt or Foster, then sponsoring one of our animals is the answer! For a small donation each month, you can help ensure that the animal you have sponsored will have food, bedding, and that their veterinary costs will be covered. Sponsorship is also a great gift for your friends and relatives.

Sponsorship is broken into two categories: Full and Partial

Full Sponsorship

Full sponsorship means that you pay the monthly rates posted below and you are the sole sponsor of that animal. A full sponsor bi-monthly updates about your animal along with the opportunity to visit that animal in person. As a full sponsor you are the sole contributor for the well-being of the animal you have chosen.

Partial Sponsorship

Partial sponsorship is an economical way to sponsor an animal at the sanctuary. You pay as much as you can towards the animal you want to sponsor. A partial sponsor receives an email with the animal's story and picture along with the opportunity to visit the animal in person. If you are a partial sponsor remember that you are sharing this animal with other sponsors, so please be sensitive if there is another individual who is sponsoring with you and would like time with the sponsored animal.

 Monthly Sponsorship Suggestions

 Horse & Large Mule
 Miniature Horses & Donkeys
 Dog  $100
 Pot Bellied Pig
 Llama  $100
 Goat  $75
 Sheep  $75
 Turkey  $40
Sponsorships can also be paid on a quarterly, or yearly basis!

Animals in Need of Sponsorship!

Contact us for More information if you do not see it listed!

Sponsor fees for dogs go towards:

Sponsored Adoption Fees: Helps our network of rescue and shelter facilities to find forever homes and make the adoption more enticing!!

Medical Bills: Surgeries, Testing for Cancer, Emergency Surgeries, Vaccinations, Worming and more.  These benefit community individuals and shelter/rescue pets.

Food: Your sponsorship can help to purchase a bag of food for 1 dog!

Perhaps one of the most important needs. Each Transport of 25 or more dogs costs us a total of $1,000

Eaton, CO - Homeless, Diagnosed with Cancer and in Need of Medical Sponsorship.

Mona is an incredible eight year old rotweiller who for the first eight years of her life was kept outside without much interaction. Over the last three months or so, she has been hidden in the end of a garage because her owners dumped her on family members too ill to truly help her.

So they asked for help from Denkai.  We picked Mona up in Fort Collins and brought her to our veterinary clinic in Eaton, CO.

There, Dr. Cummnigs found several mammary tumors which were all surgically removed and sent in for biopsy.  The results were less than flattering.  

She has cancer and a lot of it.  She is now looking at quality of life care until she can no longer be kept comfortable at which point, we will be forced to make a humane decision for her.

Thankfully, one of our amazing foster parents, Jan has stepped up for Mona and taken her in.  Denkai will be continuing to foot the medical bills for this amazing dog and so, we hope that you might consider making a contribution toward the $1,000 already billed for her testing and tumor removals and consider helping toward her future medical needs.

DECEMBER 2014: It is with a heavy heart that we have to report that the cancer took Mona. She had an amazing foster mother and incredible final days of her life.  She will be forever in our hearts

About Helena
Helena is pictured on the right.

She is a gorgeous approximately 14 year old Tennessee Walker/Mountain Horse Cross. Helena was an owner surrender to our organization. She has only one eye, the other was lost prior to her coming to our Sanctuary due to a supposed pitchfork accident with her caretaker. :(

She does very well with her one eye. We have never had her under saddle and believe that she has had a little bit of training. She halters, is very friendly, leads, loads, and we think she would make the perfect pasture companion for the right home. Helena is not a dominant mare and would be fine around children who are horse savvy.

April Rein

Reiny is a wonderful 14 plus year old mare.

Registered Quarterhorse.
Reiny has had professional training with Debbie Bibb. She stands approximately 15 hh.

Reiny has been under saddle but due to a previous shoulder injury that was discovered while she was under training, she will only be able to be a pasture companion.

She is such a sweet girl and came to us with Helena along with several other horses as an owner surrender. She halters, leads, loads, is good for the farrier and would do great with any kind of ground work activities.

We would say she would be ok with children who are horse savvy as well.


Jake is an 8 year old Gelding.
He was originally off of a Native American Indian Reservation in southwest Colorado and purchased by a local kill buyer.  Denkai rescued him along with six other yearling foals who would have otherwise seen the inside of a slaughter plant.

Jake has had professional training with Brittnee Woodward out of Conifer, CO.

He stands 14 hh
Trailers, halters, leads loads, rides western.

Jake needs a confident advanced beginner or intermediate rider. Currently he has been on pasture for approximately 12 months and will need reminders with his training. Please inquire only if you have experience or will be working with a trainer.

Smarty and her group of donkey friends!

We currently have three female and two john donkeys who came to us with a group of 13 other donkeys after having been abandoned on public lands.

Smarty is approximately 6 years old. She is a Jenny, standard sized.

Smarty is wonderful, she is truly one of our favorites here (pictured on the very right
She halters, leads, loads, is great for the farrier and loves to be brushed!

The other two Jennys pictured on the left are mother and daughter. Baby is 2 years old, mom is approximately 4-6 years of age. Both are handle-able, halter, lead and load, but will need more work than Smarty to get them a bit more social. They both will tolerate farrier work but again will need more handling for that.

The two john donkeys are pretty wild still and are working on their socialization but they do love to come up for a handful of grain :) .


Midnight is a new arrival to Denkai.

She is an older 20+ year old Arabian Mare. Midnight stands approximately 14.3hh

She is working on her socialization with us and doing well. she LOVES her daily senior grain and will let us pet her. We are working on gaining her trust to find out what she truly knows and is willing to do.

In the meantime, she is working on regaining her weight, getting healthy and finding a forever home!

Midnight's foal was purchased by a local person and the previous owner would not let them leave without Midnight as well, they had starved her nearly down to a skeleton and though the purchaser did not want her, they took her in and then having no idea where to turn planned to leave her on the trailer until the kill sale one week away. Thankfully they heard about Denkai and we were able to take her in and help her to recover.


Elvis is a 13 year old Appaloosa/Quarter horse Gelding. We took him in along with his two half brothers who were quickly adopted.  These three geldings had been raised as pets until the age of 10 years old and they were big boys.  Thankfully after working on some boundaries with Elvis, he is doing well and is one of our volunteer and supporters favorites here at Denkai!

Elvis has an old injury to his rear hock that prevents him from being ride-able. With his own weight he is not lame but sadly it's keeping him from finding a permanent home. So until we find that special someone for him, he could really use your help!

 Santana - Taken in for Jefferson County Sheriff's Department after being almost starved to death at the age of 29.  Santana, a paso fino gelding, is now almost 37 years old and as you can see thriving.  Santana was a stallion when he was picked up and thankfully had been very well handled.  We successfully gelded him.  Santana has been in a wonderful foster home for the past year but his feed and medical care is still covered by Denkai.

 Santana truly has one of those wonderful bossy personalities, we can only get a chuckle from.

                                            (picture below) This is what Santana looked like when he arrived Denkai:




Harriet is such a riot!

This little piggy weighs in at approximately 250 lbs. She is a pot belly.

Harriet was abandoned in the backyard of one of our local towns. Denkai was called in by law enforcement to assist in her rescue and she was never claimed.

Harriet LOVES her buddy Charlotte the HUGE farm pig at our Sanctuary, she has also made fast friends with Midnight, our old Arabian
mare and it's just a riot to watch them follow each other around at the Sanctuary :).

We believe Harriet was a house pig in her previous home and know that she was exposed to kids, dogs and many other species of animals, so if you have dogs that are pig friendly and kids who are pig savvy, we encourage you to put in an application today!


Sam - is approximately 8-9 years old.

He is a gelded male llama.

Sam is very friendly and will give many kisses. He however does not like to be handled or restrained, so vaccinations, worming, and dentals are a load of fun with him (not really). But we manage to get it done.

He would be best as a pasture companion and does very well with his llama buddies, horses and donkeys here at the sanctuary. He will follow you anywhere for food and we do truly enjoy his company.

Sam is NOT a good guard llama for goats or other small animals. He came to us because he was beating up his small animal companions.



About Cozmo
Cozmo, pictured on the right is a wonderful 12- 15 year old llama.

He is a gelded male and has one of the nicest, most mellow personalities. Cozmo is easily haltered, leads, loads, easy to trim and handle for toe trimming.

This old guy would love a retirement home that he can call his own.

Cozmo came to Denkai after a horrific hoarding situation left him nearly starved to death during the winter months having gone days if not longer with no food or water cooped up in a tiny pen. He's such a trooper for surviving this and for his wonderful personality.

Meet Chelsea
Chelsea is a female llama, we guess her age to be between 4 and 7 years.

She was taken in by Denkai after our local sheriff's office called for help. She had been abandoned in Weld County by her owner and nobody could catch her.

Chelsea birthed a cria who has been adopted named Brittnee.

Chelsea had not had much handling, if you are llama savvy you can catch her and get a halter on her. She needs more work with leading and all aspects of handling. We would really love to see this girl get to a home who will love and care for her. She never deserved to be left behind.


Sponsor our Equine Training Program: $600

We have several wonderful Horses that would make great candidates for our Adoption Program, only they need a little more training. The horse(s) you decide to sponsor will receive consistent training for 6 weeks (unless more is needed), and then; off to our Adoption Center to find a new home!

Thank you to CUHA for providing grant funding to our Training program in 2012!  Because of this generous grant, more than 20 horses and donkeys were placed in permanent homes!

Candidates for Equine Training:

Jeramie 14hh 5 year old Mare, arrived from a Native American Reservation. She is extremely willing and smart! Jeramie is currently in training. We need to raise another $300 toward finishing this work with her.  She will then be placed for adoption.  So far in just two weeks, our trainer is riding her and she is responding very well. 1.1.2013  ADOPTED!!


Sweetheart - 7 year old gorgeous Spanish Mustang mare. Sweetheart has had all of her ground training, but needs to be finished under saddle. This gal is incredible and your sponsorship of her will go a long way in getting her permanently placed in a good home. 


Harley - 15.1 hh Paint Gelding


Miss Sally and Baby - 5 year old Red Dun Mare, very stout 14.3 hh