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Pit Bulls - The Real Story   



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Myths De-bunked
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Don't Pit Bulls have LOCKING JAWS?

No. A pit bull's ability to "lock on" with it's jaws is one WHOPPER of a myth that refuses to let go! The jaws of a pit bull are built just as any other dog's jaw. There's no 'enzyme', no special mechanism that would make a pit bull's jaws 'lock'. They're DOGS, not alligators! What a pit bull does have is strength, tenacity, and determination. When he grasps something he wants to hang onto, his willpower is the glue.

I recently found an article which discussed a recent study conducted by Dr. Brain Barr for National Geographic which aired 8/18/05 Dangerous Encounters: Bite Force. American Pit Bull terriers had the least pressure out of the breeds tested! Click on the following link for the whole story and results:

Are pit bulls unpredictable around CHILDREN?

Pit bulls have enjoyed a long history as favorite children's companions and family pets. When well socialized and properly raised, they're the perfect breed to tolerate the rough and tumble play that kids can dish out.

Pit bulls tend to be drawn to the joyful optimism of children and love to meet them with tails a-waggin'! Some APBTs may not be suitable with young children because they could knock them down in their exuberance. Common sense dictates that children should be taught how to properly interact with dogs (of EVERY breed) and should never be left alone with a dog unsupervised.

Will a pit bull that shows aggression towards other animals go after PEOPLE NEXT?

No. Aggression towards other animals and human aggression are two totally different things. We've heard this frightened quote, "He went after a dog (or cat) and our kids might be next!". This is one big MONSTER of a myth that has generated a host of damaging anti-pit bull hysteria. It is perfectly 'normal' for a pit bull to be wonderfully affectionate and friendly with people, while at the same time not 100% trustworthy around other dogs. Like any breed of dog that we see in family homes today, a properly raised, well socialized, responsibly owned pit bull should never be human aggressive.

(The above is courtesy of the Bad Rap organization

Colorado Ban on Pit Bulls

"Pit Bull" is a generic term used to label several breeds of dogs.

American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT)
American Staffordshire Terrier (AST, Amstaff)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT, Staffybull)

So what is going on?

This is Filo, a one and half year old male Pit bull. He spent a little time here at Denkai but is very excited because he just recently found a new loving home. Filo doesn't know just how lucky he is though, Pit bulls are being banned at an alarming rate along with many other specific breeds throughout Colorado. The city of Aurora being the most recent, instilled their ban on Tuesday, January 31 2006. Many other cities are contemplating the ban as well, due to fear of becoming "dumping grounds" for all of the unwanted and unregistered Pit bulls in the neighboring banned areas.
Aurora owners are lucky though because they have been allowed to grandfather their pit bulls into the city by following several tight regulations.

In order to keep their dogs by their sides, they must:
  • register them
  • microchip them
  • muzzle them
  • have $100,000 liability insurance
  • have a 6 sided chain link kennel on their property
  • display a warning sign on the front of their home.

Sounds like they should be thankful they can keep their best friends, but with all of these regulations, at what price? What about those owners that cannot afford to install the required fencing or yearly registration fee of $200? Will they be forced to give up their partners, their companions, their best friends.

The following is a compilation from several very useful Pit bull related websites and databases, for full websites see "For more information".

Ok, so why the bad rap?

Myths surround the Pit bull breed. They're referred to as aggressive fighting dogs, with locking jaws, they have been said to turn on their owners and attack children. Breed specific stereotypes are just as unfair and untrue as racial stereotypes and generalizations. Pit bulls make loving, trustworthy and gentle friends, why all the bad rap? Myths, urban legends and some irresponsible owners.

                                          Responsible ownership is key!

For more information check out the following:

On Breed Specific Legislation (BSL): Stand United for Dogs Worldwide Dog Watch

On the American Pit Bull Terrier, Strattfodshire Pit bull Terrier, etc.

Some sources for potential and current owners: Pit bull Rescue Central offers newsletter and lots of info! For some good news about the breed American Temperament Test Society, for temperament info

Some interesting reading material:

An interesting quiz on pit bull knowledge and only takes a second, try it!

An interesting article from the local newspaper.

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