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September, 2017 - 


I'm sure that so many of you are wanting an update on Denkai's situation, where we are at and what we are doing! Here is a bit of a picture collage for you!

In a nutshell, we successfully sold all of our Northern Colorado Facilities, paid off debts owed and purchased a smaller facility with irrigation near the tiny town of Yellow Jacket, CO (google it) in Southwestern Colorado near the four corners area. It is GORGEOUS here and we are so excited for the new phase of Denkai!

The property purchased has no debt owed on it so now your donor dollars stretch SO MUCH FURTHER!! (We previously had monthly liabilities totaling right at $5,000 just in mortgage payments. The Yellow Jacket property has housing for the sanctuary workers who will be caretaking. However, there is no infrastructure for machinery, fencing, shelter, etc. SO our founder has been working very hard to gather all needed structure and could use a little help! So far, we have two loafing sheds, our portable fencing panels have been set up, and we have had some continuous fencing and wood posts donated.

We currently have four horses on site; Clover, Sweets, Princess, and one 28 year old mare who has stolen our hearts! We will post more about these four later tonight!

Here is what we still need:
1. Machine shop - Quonset style or otherwise - 40x60x16 desired - if anyone has any connections willing to work with our non profit on getting this set it, we would be very grateful! We do have some funding budgeted for this!

2. More loafing sheds! We can get these built (10x12) for around $1,500 or so and are going to need about 5 more. We are able to haul them and set them in!

3. Tiny Houses!! Yes we are trying to find somebody to either build us two passive solar and energy efficient tiny houses that will be used as air bnb to generate income for the organization and the work that we do!

4. Electrician, plumber/septic help!

5. FENCING!! We would like to put in structural pipe - welded around the property if possible, this is MUCH safer for the animals and since we are off of a highway, will be very much needed. If anyone has a contact that can get us donated 2 7/8 inch steel pipe, that would be amazing!! As much as we can get!

We have a corral layout shown in the pictures here that we would like to build for working some of the less handle-able animals - VERY IMPORTANT! We would like this built of structural pipe ideally.

Here is our vision moving forward for Denkai:

1. Set this location up as an education site with rescued animals large and small.

Continue outreach and fundraising for pet animal veterinary needs, networking for pet animals in need on all levels.

Continue fundraising efforts for large animal needs - publicly owned - vet care, farrier, feed, education.

2. Grow organic vegetables and herbs that we could process and make products with (herbs) and vegetables to help the homeless but also sell to local markets.

3. Come and Stay! Air bnb options (campers with horses, visitors that support Denkai, people passing through, retreat etc).

If you have supplies and would like to help: 970-217-1457 or - we can do tear downs on property fencing, etc if need be.

If you would like to make a contribution: PayPal:…/token=pZYDxM_PhswjCd8Civ6gLIWqRf1G…

Denkai owes a HUGE thank you to Mary and Gary, Becky, Haley, Denali, Kaia, Fred, Victoria, Julianna, Rylan, Lucas, the Cox family, Jared and Kaden for their incredible help loading and unloading, setting up, building sheds, hauling horses, and hauling equipment for Denkai from the front range to Yellow Jacket over the past several months!

May 01, 2017 - Denkai Animal Sanctuary Eliminating Debt, Purchases 20 acre irrigated facility for animals in need in Southwestern Colorado.
Many changes have occurred for Denkai over the past two years. Denkai has been working toward a plan to eliminate all debt within the organization. This comes in the form of three mortgages for three facilities in Weld County.  The plan has been to simplify and consolidate to one smaller facility in an area of need within the state of Colorado.
Denkai's Board of directors feels that Northern Colorado is saturated with rescue organizations where services are being duplicated. We feel that our work would be better put to use in the Southwestern part of Colorado where the need is great, and there are very few organizations able to meet the demand. 
Denkai has successfully sold our 640 acre Grover, CO facility as of the end of April, 2017.  We are currently still working to sell two Commercial locations in Eaton, CO. These are listed with Metro Broker Realtor out of Greeley, CO.

Denkai has also successfully located a 20 acre facility near the town of Yellow Jacket, CO, close to the Four Corners area of the state.  This facility has irrigation water for crops and grazing, is much less rural, only 15 minutes to town instead of an hour or more, and is in an area of desperate need for animals suffering from abandonment, neglect  and abuse.

Denkai owns this facility debt free.  We will be working to build infrastructure in the form of fencing, shelters, and outbuildings needed for operations. 

Denkai will need help in the form of contributions both in-kind and cash to build the beautiful facility that we envision!  Plot plans and visuals coming soon!  Please stay tuned for further information. 


Rescue Puppy Provides Post-Surgery Comfort to His 4 Legged Companions Forward and Distribute
Denkai Animal Sanctuary
217 First Street
Eaton, CO 80615
Contact: Floss Blackburn 970-217-1457

Eaton, CO - Rescue Puppy Provides Post-Surgery Comfort to His 4 Legged Companions

Vet Clinic Recovery Dog, Once a rescue himself, works miracles at Denkai's

This special pitbull puppy, Dominic has a whole lot of kindness and compassion for his animal buddies.

Dogs that c
ome to Denkai for spay and neuter surgeries are in good hands with this sweet boy. As he sees them beginning to wake up and shake, he lays with them to keep them still and calm until they are fully ready to wake up and greet their owners.

 Dominic was turned into the Denver Animal Shelter with his mother, brother and sisters as a tiny puppy. Because Denver has a breed ban, they were not safe and had to find refuge outside of the city.

They were all transferred to Denkai, where mom and pups found special homes. Dominic was adopted by our incredible veterinary technician, Stephany. He has the BEST home in the world and is now giving back to the community in a BIG way too!

Want to visit our clinic? 970-454-3353
Want to make a donation so that we can continue to help dogs in need like Dominic? Paypal: or drop a donation at the clinic. 217 First Street Eaton, CO 80615

Henry was tortured, shot and burned.

Imagine if you will, putting your trust and whole heart into a person that you think will love you unconditionally only to end up being inhumanely tortured, burned with chemicals all over your body and then used as target practice.

That is the story of poor Henry's life.  He finally ran away, unable to even see where he was going.

From Shooke Unleashed:

The Vet believes he has a chemical burn all over his face legs and private areas:( not only was he sprayed with chemicals that could kill him he was shot with BB's in the chest. The scars may never go away for Henry but we are okay with that as long as he is! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we think Henry is a doll and we know someone else will too! It's all about finding that special person to love you unconditionally no matter what you look like and we will find that for Henry!

Henry arrived safely at Denkai tonight and we are all giving thanks for this incredible survivor.
Even with everything Henry has endured due to the cruelty of humans, "he is still soooo sweet. He wants to be loved on and will walk up to you then close his eyes and brace himself just hoping for a gentle touch. He still has chemical burns all over him, and BB's in his chest from being shot. I love him though, he forgave humans and just wants snuggles! He was burned so bad his eyes were swollen shut. He can see now just fine, and is healing up, still lots of healing to do but doing well.."~ Cady McClure, Dog Program Coordinator, Denkai Animal Sanctuary.

Safe! Six horses and three more will be receiving a second chance!

Read all about 16 Horses, nine of which are extremely pregnant who escaped being shipped to slaughter February 22, 2013.

Two Babies have been born!

Denkai Animal Sanctuary is Close to Achieving its Dream. 
Currently: We did it!! Denkai surpassed our fundraising goal, raising $110,000 of $100,000 needed to permanently secure our 640 acre Grover home for the animals, read more below!

original fundraising ideas

Read the Greeley Tribune article by Dan England and help Denkai become completely sustainable through giving toward our Grover Capital Campaign.

Bear Tracker Energy, LLC. Makes Generous Contribution to Denkai Animal Sanctuary Showing Support for the Local Community.

Click Here to Read the Article

Eight Pygmy goats find their way to Denkai when owners ran out of hay 3.5.2013

To adopt: or call (970) 895-2337

1 2 34


We still have 7 Pygmy goats that need placement. If you are able or interested in helping them, please e-mail us at for an application. We are also open to having them placed in foster homes until they can be adopted if you have any space. They can not be used for breeding or meat purposes, only as pets. All goats have been tested for CAE and are negative, all have been wormed, and vaccinated with CD&T Prior to placement.

1.  Hugh is an adorable wether. Pretty friendly and loves to hop on top of the food pile at any momen

Adopted!! thank you to Bob Grube Billy de Goat was successfully castrated thanks to Dr. Suit and adopted by Bob.

3. Michelle is older, very sweet and will need supplements for arthritis. She has a buddy in the group who needs to go with her and is very protective over her.

4.  Pepper is a 3-5 year old doe. She is adorable and super sweet!

5.  Sir George is a 3-5 year old wether, awesome guy, will be a lot of fun to have around!

6.  Jaimie is Michelle's BFF. She is very sweet and they MUST stay together in a home. 3-5 years old Doe.

7. Adam is a wonderful 3-5 year old wether. He is super curious and loves of course his bit of goat grain daily!

8. Sally is an adorable girl, very curious 3-5 year old doe

Thank you to the Fort Collins Coloradoan for running this amazing story! 3/04/2013

Adopted 3.9.2013

Adopted!! This gorgeous TB mare was pulled from a local feedlot the day she was to ship to Mexico for slaughter over a week ago. She is pictured here with her sponsor Caroline Helen Corey who has also adopted her. This mare is due to foal in June.

Adopted! Wren and Satori get to go home together! 

This is Satori, on of the 16 horses pulled from a local feedlot that would have otherwise been shipped to slaughter over a week ago. She is beginner ride-able, 6-7 years old, incredible horse! For Adoption info:
This beautiful Quarter horse is still available for adoption! She is kid broke and has a wonderful personality. She always likes human interaction and would be a great horse!

Wren, Standing behind Satori is an appaloosa TB mare. She has had a lot of training, knows voice commands and is a gorgeous girl. 

A big hug goes out to Paulette Dyon for adopting!

Thank you to CBS News 4 for the Pregnant Mare Rescue Coverage!

Pregnant Mare Update 2/24/2013

URGENT! Very Pregnant Mares Ship to Slaughter Tonight, Sponsors Needed

Seeking Sponsors for Wags to Wishes Event 1/21/2013

What's New at Denkai, Life Saving Stories: 1/19/2013

January 16,2013

Bear Tracker Energy, Inc. Makes Generous Contribution to Denkai Animal Sanctuary Showing Support for the Local Community.

With a deadline of May 1, 2013 looming in the near future, Denkai Animal Sanctuary has no time to waste in raising a minimum $100,000 needed toward a $380,000 balloon payment that will save the non profit’s 640 acre home for abandoned, abused and neglected animals.  

Nearly five years ago, in 2008, Denkai was able to raise a $40,000 down payment to secure this property and the seller carried the rest of the note with a five year balloon. This note is due May 1, 2013. A total of $380,000 is needed in order to accomplish this. Denkai MUST raise a minimum of $100,000 in order to permanently secure a home for the animals. The remaining $280,000 is being looked at as an investment opportunity by a local foundation as well as the Farm Service Agency. With either option, Denkai still must raise $100,000 to completely secure a safe haven for animals in need. 

Bear Tracker Energy, LLC has played a major role in backing the community they serve and assisting Denkai Animal Sanctuary to reach this goal.  Recently, Bear Tracker Energy gave a very generous contribution pushing total funding raised past the halfway mark of $50,000.

Bear Tracker Energy is a Denver based midstream company with primary geographical focus in the Rockies.  Bear Tracker’s management team possesses a strong mix of engineering, operations, and financial know-how. Their extensive knowledge of the midstream business enables them to design and implement timely, innovative and cost-effective solutions for their customers.

The Greeley Tribune just wrote and published an incredible article pertaining to Denkai Animal Sanctuary and this need (enclosed), please view it here:

Visit Denkai’s website at: for complete information regarding the campaign and to view our sponsors.

To make a tax-deductible Contribution to Denkai: and click any donate button, please make sure to note Capital Campaign
or mail to: Denkai Animal Sanctuary 36710 WCR 126 Grover, CO 80729.

Founded in 2004, Denkai Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization with two locations in Weld County, CO. Denkai is the largest and only organization of its kind in Colorado and surrounding states serving large and small domestic animals in need.





            Animals are beautiful, empathetic, delightful creatures. Whether they be fuzzy, chubby lil’ things that tumble over their own feet and have big cow eyes, or delicate, sleek forms with glowing eyes, they touch your heart and mind. A dog’s big wet nose against your leg as you cry makes the sun come out and tears stop short. A cat curling up on top of your book as you read and purring in your face brings a giggle. They give you companionship, purpose and delight.


            Perhaps that is the reason I am so in love with animals. Because they love you unconditionally, and they deserve every kind thing you can give back.


            For my 13th birthday, I made a choice I will never, ever, ever regret. Instead of gifts for me, I asked my guests to give presents in the form of donations to Denkai Animal Sanctuary.


            The staff at Denkai Animal Sanctuary care so much about animals that others don’t want or can no longer care for, and simply won’t give up on them. They provide love and care to the animals that go through their veterinary clinic in Eaton, foster care homes or their animal sanctuary in Grover, and do their best to find all the animals

a brighter future in homes where they will be loved.


            My friends were happy to give whatever they could to help - whether it was bags of food or treats, money, and even blankets for the animals to keep them warm. The donations from my friends and family added up to $105 we raised for Denkai.


            Giving the gift of donations to a place that helps animals was something I really believed in. And I learned that it was easy for me to make a difference in the world - all it took was one birthday party with compassionate friends and my passion for animals.


            -Satori Bahus-Meyer, 13

Forward and Distribute Widely
Denkai Animal Sanctuary
Contact: Floss Blackburn
Greeley, CO - Miracle Rescue Dog Survives Labor Complications, Gives Birth to Three Adorable Puppies
On a warm day in October, Pumpkin, a young Pug Chihuahua pup excitedly hurried outside with her owner for her daily routine of a much anticipated walk.
Out the door they went and excitedly she walked.  Only something was different today.. Her owner whom she trusted with all of her heart was running back into the building without her and he didn't come back for her, she waited and waited.
Thankfully, a kind and generous person came across Pumpkin, found her previous owner and discovered that he no longer wanted her.  How could this be possible?  Luckily Pumpkin's savior brought her to Denkai for help.
It was then discovered that Pumpkin was pregnant and a foster home was quickly found for her with Jennifer in Centennial, CO.  Because of Pumpkin's size, Denkai had x-rays done to prepare in case of a C-Section. 
Today was the day. Pumpkin went into labor, she gave birth naturally to two puppies, but the third was not coming and Pumpkin was in distress. Her foster mom rushed her to the veterinarian where it was determined she had to have a C-Section to save both her life and that of her puppy.
Had Pumpkin been left abandoned in Greeley without care to fend for herself, she would have perished along with each and every one of her puppies.
As you can imagine, C-Sections and medical bills are not free or cheap.  Pumpkin's veterinary care has so far reached $1,000.00. 
Please consider making a contribution to Denkai toward her care and that of her innocent puppies and help us to continue our good work saving lives.
by Mail: 36710 WCR 126
Grover, CO 80729

Forward and Distribute


Denkai Animal Sanctuary

Contact: Floss Blackburn

(970) 217-1457

Eaton, CO -- November 8, 2012 -- Denkai Animal Sanctuary Purchases Eaton Veterinary Clinic.

Denkai Animal Sanctuary today announced its purchase of Eaton Veterinary Clinic located at 217 First Street, Eaton, CO.  Denkai expects to close the transaction on November 16, 2012.

Situated just ten miles north of Greeley, CO, Dr. Norman Laber and his wife, Rose Marie, began operating Eaton Veterinary Clinic in 1970.  The clinic operated continuously until Dr. Laber’s passing in 2011.  Rose Marie Laber contacted Floss Blackburn, Denkai’s founder, to donate the clinic’s equipment and unused supplies, which were valued at more than $24,000.  Ongoing discussions between Floss and Rose Marie led to the purchase agreement announced today.  

Commenting on the purchase agreement, Floss Blackburn stated, “The Labers are very well respected in the community and well loved.  The contributions Dr. Laber made to the community over the course of 39 years is not forgotten and is missed very much. Denkai is privileged to honor Dr. Laber’s legacy by re-establishing operations at the clinic to provide low-cost veterinary services to those who cannot afford quality care for their pets and animals.”  

Rose Marie Laber added, “I was so pleased to be able to donate our clinic’s equipment and supplies to Denkai.  After learning more about Denkai and its mission, I realized it was the perfect organization to re-launch and operate the clinic.  I cannot think of a more fitting way to honor my husband’s 36 years of service to the community.”  

Denkai plans to offer the following services at the clinic: spay, neuter, vaccination, worming, blood and heartworm testing, FIV/FELV screening, pet and equine dental, gelding, and preventative care.  The clinic’s veterinary staff includes: Dr. Chad Zadina (aka Dr. Pawz); Dr. Amber Hinnes; and Dr. Stephanie Dodge.

The following individuals and organizations have supported Denkai throughout this project: Mrs. Rose Marie Laber; The Neenan Company; The Mia Connect; Mrs. Josephine S.; The Petco Foundaion; and Dell Range Animal Hospital.  

About Denkai

Established in 2004, Denkai Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation. Denkai serves animals in need throughout Colorado and the U.S., including large animal, dog, cat, equine and farm animal rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing, as well as education and networking services for other like-minded nonprofit organizations.

Members of the public interested in assisting Denkai with clinic renovations by donating materials or services may do so by visiting Denkai's website at, or by calling (970) 217-1457.  Cash contributions should be mailed to: Denkai Animal Sanctuary, 36710 WCR 126 Grover, CO 80729.

# # #

Learn About Our Capital Campaign

Forward and Distribute
For Immediate Release
Denkai Animal Sanctuary
Contact: Floss Blackburn
Greeley, CO - Llamas, Alpacas, Goats and Sheep Freed from Pending Neglect Case Need a Home
Since January of 2012, Denkai Animal Sanctuary has been working closely with the Clear Creek County Sheriff's Department after they first seized a total of 12 severely neglected donkeys and later more than 100 farm animals, equine and more near Idaho Springs.
Most of these animals entered Denkai in extremely poor health, showing severe signs of malnourishment and some couldn't even walk off the trailer, rather they fell.  The owner is being prosecuted for neglect and cruelty.  The animals will have their day in court against him.
In the  meantime, those that have been released by the Sheriff's department, MUST find home in the next three weeks, Denkai does not have ownership of them, but is working very closely with the Sheriff to place them in homes rather than the Sheriff's department having to run them through a local auction, where they will most likely fall into the wrong hands.  Denkai is donating our facility and feed to help this animals for the next three weeks to buy them this time and we need YOU to spread the word and help us to place them too!
Denkai is extremely thankful to the Clear Creek County Sheriff's department for their dedication to the animals that need them and for the kindness they are showing this special group. They truly care about their work and the animals that need them.
Currently, all donkeys have been placed in homes.  We are seeking placement for: Llamas, Alpacas, Goats and Sheep.
Below is a list of each breed and sex of those available:
1 in-tact chocolate male (we can have him castrated prior to leaving)
3 Very friendly females, all are handle able, halter, lead and load
3 friendly castrated males, 1 year old on all
5 males: 1 white, 1 chocolate, 1 black, 2 tan, All castrated, Current on Dentals, Vaccinations, worming
3 Shetland Ewes, EXTREMELY friendly
1 Wether
1 Angora
3 Pygmy Wethers
All of the above animals are extremely social, very friendly, up to date on vaccinations, worming.  Llamas will need dentals. Photos of animals are below.  Interested individuals must have filled out an application and been approved prior to visiting the Sanctuary and adoption or foster of any of the below animals.
To adopt: Contact us at for an application or call (970) 895-2337

For Immediate Release
Denkai Animal Sanctuary
Contact: Diana Palluck or Peggy Bush
Greeley, CO - Puppies Given the Death Sentence Before they Were out of the Womb Can't Catch a Break
When Denkai got the call from a rescue organization in Oklahoma searching for placement for a very pregnant nine month old yellow lab, Denkai reached out and found a foster home immediately in Colorado for momma and the pups she would soon give birth to.  As circumstances would have it, momma gave birth before she could get to Colorado and time was running short for her. There was no room at the high kill facility she was destined to go to and her puppies would surly not have made it.
Thanks to a network of transporters, Momma arrived with her 10 puppies to Colorado. At this point, the puppies were just eight weeks old.  Being a young mother, Gretchen did the best she could to nurse her pups but soon developed mastitis and even with her medication for this found nursing to be bothersome and painful.  By this time, Gretchen and puppies had traveled to Colorado and were in their second foster home as the first foster mother had become ill and could not care for them.  Of course momma Gretchen, having had zero stability in her life by this point and being bounced continuously from one location to the next had decided she was sooo over nursing her pups.  At the age of 3 weeks she decided she was done nursing them completely.
This of course has left the latest and last foster parents to hand and bottle feed ten puppies, who currently at the age of four weeks are finally eating on their own, but must still be fed round the clock every three hours.  Now the latest foster mom has been taken ill and is in the hospital.  The puppies are once again in limbo and desperate for a place to call home for the next five weeks until they can be adopted.  They can be fostered in groups of 2, 3, 4 or more. 
Maybe you can't foster a puppy or so, but you still want to help?  GREAT!  They need sponsorship funding to cover the cost of esbilac puppy formula of which the use one large can per three days and sponsors for their veterinary costs of spay, neuter, and vaccinations. This total cost will run close to $510.00  SPONSOR!
Momma Gretchen is in a foster home with one of our amazing volunteers while she gets over her  mastitis and can be spayed, she will then be seeking a home.  Click the photo above for information on fostering these puppies and to browse our website.
For more information, contact Diana or Peggy at (970) 352-5330 or e-mail us at  Help these precious souls so that they can CATCH A BREAK!


For Immediate Release
Denkai Animal Sanctuary
36710 WCR 126
Grover, CO 80729
Contact: Floss Blackburn or (970) 217-1457
Forward and Distribute Widely

Grover, CO - Severe Drought and Fires Threaten Livelihood of Animal Sanctuaries in Colorado.

Denkai Animal Sanctuary is an eight year old 501(c) 3 not for profit organization located on 640 acres near the Pawnee National Grasslands in Northern Colorado.  The Sanctuary site is home to more than 100 abandoned, abused and neglected equine, farm animals, and dogs in recovery on any given day.  With its multi-faceted mission, Denkai also has over 200 acres set aside for native wildlife species such as antelope, nesting birds, burrowing owls, and more.  Denkai has provided aid and rescue to more than 3,000 equine, farm animals, dogs and cats since inception throughout the nation.

Now the Sanctuary's Founder, Floss Blackburn is faced with tough decisions due to unforseen drought conditions.  The drought has left the pastures relied on for summer feed dried up,  and the Sanctuary's hay supplier is unable to provide any feed for the rest of the year due to drought in South Dakota where his crops are grown.  Hay is at record high prices from $200 to $500 per ton locally and throughout the United States. Growers in Colorado have experienced crop production that is 1/3 of what it should be.  

The snowball effect from this drought means that more and more people will be unable to feed their horses and other livestock resulting in either owner surrenders, neglect or abandonment burdening our sheriff's departments and adding to the need for housing/intake at Denkai and organizations providing similar services to local municipalities.

Denkai utilizes 12 tons of hay per month to feed the animals it cares for and is now faced with having to raise over $2,200 per month plus the cost of hauling to bring hay in for the animals it cares for.  On top of this need, Denkai's Founder and Board Members have reached out to all contacts high and low for reasonably priced hay and have found either hay that can not be fed due to mold, other issues or the shipping cost is too high.

The High Park Fire burning in Larimer County, just an hour west of Denkai's Sanctuary has taken much of the resources and donations that would have otherwise come to aid the large animals Denkai cares for. This fire also took homes and did major damage to the WOLF Sanctuary located in Rist Canyon, thankfully their animals made it, but they too have been devastated by the natural disasters this year.

Area ranchers across Colorado are selling off their cattle because there are no pasture areas left for them and know that they do not have enough hay reserves available. 

Denkai must limit its services to the municipalities that need us and so has given a deadline of one week to find other rescues, foster homes, or adopters for up to 30 horses that the organization is currently caring for.  As a Sanctuary/Rescue organization it is not as simple as just running livestock through a sale barn.  This is something we avoid and a place that Denkai generally has rescued animals from in the past.  Denkai has ONE WEEK to reduce the number of animals we are caring for.

Please contact us directly at (970) 217-1457 or (970) 895-2337 or via e-mail at

To view the animals available, learn about fostering or to volunteer help visit:  A list of horses follows:

We are seeking immediate help and placement for the following:
All are up to date on vacciantions, worming, farrier

We have three mustang Geldings all originally from a rescue that closed its doors here in Colorado. We have not taken the time to trace the brands on two, but can, the third is out of a Nevada Herd originally they are all over ten years old and have minimal to no handling.

Reservation Horses (Ignacio Area) Purchased by a kill buyer as yearlings, we have not had any luck placing them:
4-5 years old now; 3 - 1 mare and 2 geldings, all 14hh pony sized, two have been started and have had saddles on their backs the third has not been gentled yet.

Nira: Registered Paint Mare, 15hh over 10 years old solid black, trained, great personality, came to us with a tendon injury on her front leg near the chest. She would be best as a pasture pal

2 Paint Horses: 1 Mare, 8 years old 15 hh was a neglect case here in Colorado, she has great weight on her now, had no handling, we have gentled her and she hatlers, leads and is working on loading, did great for the farrier.

1 gelding black and white paint, about 7 years old, over 15hh. Parelli trained on the ground, great personality, rideable for light riding, front right leg toes out, but he has never been lame on it and we have been working to rehab and straighten, great horse. Intermediate to advanced handler needed still.

Johnny Boy: 15 hh Appaloosa gelding 6 years old, really sweet, gentle leads, loads, halters, good for the farrier, has not had a saddle on yet. Very willing, great personality. Was abandoned in the Gore Mountain Range in CO.

Cracker Jack: POA Appaloosa, he's a hot little guy, lots of personality and fun, not a kids pony in any way, needs somebody that knows what they are doing. Halters, leads, loads, great with his feet.



Dolly, an 8 year old paint mare has suffered more in her lifetime than she should have.  Her story is not rare and it is one that is all too often common among horses in the United States.  She is a victim of neglect.

Dolly's before and after photos are featured on our home page, she had a very heavy parasite load and was not being cared for properly by her owner. After Dolly's mother, whom she lived with her entire life passed away, Dolly's owner just stopped caring for her. She lived in the same small pen her entire life with little interaction. 

Dolly is recovering quickly and nicely here at Denkai and has been undergoing training. She will be available for adoption in the next few weeks.

We would like to thank her sponsors for stepping forward to aid in her recovery possible, we could not do this without you!


Born to Die:  Not for this little fighter!

Lucky is less than a week old and a factory farm survivor.  This small goat was found on the side of a busy highway near Greeley and is a victim of factory farming's dead pile.  Whether because he was ill or a born a male, he was tossed out to suffer and die slowly of starvation.  Lucky needs a foster and or permanent home.  He has not been claimed as of yet and we doubt anybody is looking for him. 

For information regarding factory farming, visit our Education page.


Denkai Moves Adoption Center Location as it restructures,
prepares for a bright future

Denkai Animal Sanctuary and Adoption Center expanded into Greeley a little
more than two years ago.  In that time they have re-homed over 1,000
animals, as well as rescued animals from hoarder situations, puppy mills
and abusive situations.  They placed animals that other shelters classed as
“unadoptable” – special needs animals, older animals, animals with
health issues and behavior issues.

In those two years, Denkai has made several major improvements to the
property that was formerly K-9 Bed and Biscuit.  Unfortunately many planned
improvements could not be made.  The economy, more animals coming in than
being adopted out and an extremely high facility rental and operating costs
have forced Denkai to make a difficult decision – the current Greeley
Adoption Center is not working.

That does NOT mean Denkai is closing down or going away.  Denkai Animal
Sanctuary is fully committed to their mission and intends to stay located
in Greeley.  However we are downsizing.  The plan is simple; Denkai will
rent a small, storefront location in town here in Greeley.  This will cut
down on monthly rental and staff expenses.  The new location will house a
rotating selection of 6 to 8 dogs and will have the ability to intake dogs
as needed.  The majority of our adoptable dogs will reside in foster homes
and be available to meet and greet potential adopters by appointment.  Our
foster program dogs will have a very visible presence in the new location
with plenty of info boards on the walls and features on PetFinder and
Craig’s List.

This will actually be an exciting new chapter for Denkai and our adoption
process.  The store location in town will allow us to host adoption events
every weekend where more of our dogs can meet potential adopters.  We will
be located in a more prominent part of town with plenty of exposure.  The
location will host a small retail section that will feature new and gently
used pet supplies at very reasonable prices.  We will be expanding our Pet
Food Bank Program with the intention of reaching out to pet owners in need.
 We will be instituting more pet services like micro-chipping, vaccination
and spay/neuter clinics at low costs.

This smaller, less work-intensive location will allow Denkai to focus on
fundraising and adoption events.  And we will need our volunteers more than
ever.  Only now we won’t be asking you to pull weeds, clean out junk that
was inherited from the former facility or wash tons of dog bowls in the
less than user friendly sink.  In other words, we will no longer be
fighting a losing battle with up-keep on a very old and needy facility.
Instead we want our volunteers to do more fun and potentially more
important stuff – get animals in need rescued and adopted!

The Denkai Grover facility has been and continues to be an asset to Denkai
Animal Sanctuary.  The focus will be to purchase this location out-right
instead of paying a mortgage and do some improvements that will benefit the
facility.  Once that is accomplished, Denkai will be looking to purchase a
new kennel/adoption center in Greeley.  In other words, our plan is to come
back bigger and better than ever.  In the meantime, we feel downsizing in
Greeley is the smartest way to continue to rescue and re-home animals in


Help a Donkey, Give to the HEE HAW Fund



It was not a happy new year for 12 donkeys, who after years of suffering were finally removed from their neglectful owner.  Denkai has been housing and recovering these precious souls for the past month and now they need your help!

Due to lack of feed, veterinary care, and dental work, these donkeys came to us 100 lbs underweight, pregnant and with neglected hooves.  Two of these donkeys could barely stand as they attempted to walk off the trailer that dropped them off at our facility.

The previous owner is facing charges of animal cruelty and neglect in court.

These donkeys are slowly recovering, but we need your help to give them a second chance.  Veterinary bills are totaling $300 per dondey due to dental floats, worming and other medications, vaccinations and farrier work.

I hope that you will aid us in continuing our good work here at Denkai through a contribution to the HEE HAW Fund dedicated to the donkeys!

8 of these donkeys have been released to Denkai by the sheriff's department and are in need of homes immediately.  For more information or to adopt a donkey, please contact us directly at (970) 895-2337 or


Saving Lives!  Angel Sponsor Linda Fulfills Childhood Dream
January 20, 2012

Since she was a Child, Linda has dreamed of having her own horse.  This became and stayed a wish and dream throughout her entire life.  This Holiday season, Linda contacted us reviving a childhood dream in a very practical way.  She wanted to save the life of an auction horse, one that would have otherwise been headed to slaughter in Mexico or Canada.  Not only did she sponsor their ransom, she has sponsored their ongoing care until they find permanent homes.

We were able to save not one, but two lucky horses thanks to Linda's generosity, she named them Amigo and Lupita.  Amigo, a 20 + year old Gray Arabian Gelding has the most amazing personality, he loves carrots, apples and especially people, he and Linda hit if off right away.  Lupita, a 10 year old Quarterhorse mare is a bit shy, it took her a little while to come over for a visit and she has no idea what apples and carrots are, but Linda is working on that with her!

Become a Sponsor!

Sixth Grader Adalyn Vergara Draws Calendars, Raises Money for Abandoned Horses


Courtesy Greeley Tribune: Dan England

Since she could grip a pencil in her tiny fingers, Adalyn Vergara drew horses.

Her parents, Gabrielle and Mike of Greeley, took her to see the movie “Spirit.” They think she was 2 or maybe 3. She pretended to be a horse soon after, and then she asked for a pencil and paper.

Most little girls love horsies, but Adalyn’s love went beyond the typical pining for a pony. She started riding lessons in the fourth grade, and her collection of horse drawings grew. She drew so much, she began to win contests. Now she’s helping two abandoned horses with those drawings.

You might still be able to buy the calendars she’s selling at Winograd K-8, where she’s a sixth-grader, but you’ll have to hurry if there are any left. She and some friends, Jodi Shea, Araceli Hernandez and Kayla Adams, spent part of their weekends laminating and stapling the 200 calendars that feature her drawings, and she’s donating the $400 from those sales to Denkai Animal Sanctuary to help Susie Q and Johnny Boy.

Those two were abandoned in the mountains near Bailey because the owner couldn’t afford to feed them, said Denkai founder Floss Blackburn. Volunteers tracked them down and rescued them, and now Denkai cares for them in the hopes someone will adopt them, as the Grover sanctuary does for dozens of other farm animals and horses that were abused, abandoned or surrendered by their owners. Denkai also runs a shelter for household pets in Greeley.

The donation will cover a month of care for the horses, as they each cost $150 per month. But as with other holiday presents, in this case it’s the thought that counts, Blackburn said. Other children have raised money for Denkai through their birthday parties, but this is the first time a child put on an elaborate fundraiser such as this one.

“I, for one, am extremely proud and humbled,” Blackburn said.

Toni Allison, a teacher at Winograd, has Adalyn in a leadership group and knew how much she loved horses, probably because she sketched one whenever she had a spare moment in between lessons, and one of her pieces hangs in the school library. When the news about Susie Q and Johnny Boy broke, Allison approached Adalyn, and she jumped at it.

“I have a lot already,” Adalyn said. “I know it costs a lot of money to care for those horses, and drawing horses is like my favorite thing.”

They weren’t sure how the calendars would be received, but apparently Allison isn’t the only one at the school who notices Adalyn’s drawings. Teachers bought them by the bunches, and at games, they sold dozens.

There was some talk about expanding the line, but Adalyn and her friends and Allison, too, looked a little horrified at the idea, given that a good portion of their weekends were swallowed up putting the calendars together.

For now, Adalyn will go back to drawing horses and dreaming about being a cartoonist and a professional soccer player and a rancher. She spends her birthday and Christmas gifts on things she’ll need to continue to ride. She’s still waiting on the saddle.

All she needs now is a horse. Her parents say they’ll lease one for her soon if she continues with the lessons. You get the idea that horse will be far luckier than the ones she helped save in her own little way.

Staff writer Dan England covers the outdoors, entertainment and general assignment stories for The Tribune. His column runs on Tuesday. If you have an idea for a column, call (970) 392-4418 or email Follow him on Twitter @DanEngland.


This funding will allow for a continued increase in horse adoption rates and will in turn enable us to help more horses that need us resulting in increased placement and retention rates in adopted homes.

On any given day, up to forty horses can be found thriving at either of Denkai’s two facilities.  Horses enter Denkai through local municipalities, as owner surrenders, through local kill auctions, or after having been abandoned.

These horses do not come without scars, both emotionally and physically.  For our caretakers and handlers, their rehabilitation and training relies heavily on first their physical and emotional recovery. This can take months and sometimes up to a year or more depending on the horse.  On top of this, 90% of the horses that enter our facility have never been handled or have been mishandled.  This makes a training program mandatory in the success of our horses.

Denkai has successfully handled feral and untrusting horses along with horses that have no respect for humans and have been deemed dangerous.  We have trainers that understand and know how to work with and read these horses, their needs and that look deeper into the emotional aspect of the animal to determine what method of training is needed for success.  These animals have been adopted safely into homes.

Since taking on our adoption center located just outside of Greeley, CO in 2010; Denkai has more than doubled the placement of our horses in need of homes through both exposure and in being close to a much more populated area.  To date, a total of thirty horses have found homes since February of 2010.

Having a training program is not only necessary but crucial in continued placement for the horses that need us.  A grant in the amount of $5,000 would aid in the training and therefore placement of twenty-five horses from our area.  This program would sustain through adoption fees, public support, fundraisers and foundation support.

THANK YOU TO 9 NEWS DENVER and the Greeley Tribune for covering Ginger's Story!  See the story, click the logo!

For Immediate Release
Forward and Distribute Widely
Denkai Animal Sanctuary
(970) 352-5330
Contact: Floss Blackburn (970) 217-1457

December 25th, 2011

Greeley, CO  - 11 Week Old Boxer Puppy Found Suffering from Botched Tail Docking

Eleven weeks old and homeless on Christmas, Ginger, a small boxer puppy was found running in a Greeley Business Park. She was immediately taken to a local veterinarian who noticed that somebody had taken it upon themselves to dock Ginger's tail without veterinary care from home with a rubber band.  The Veterinarian that looked at Ginger recommeded that the rubber band be left on to prevent infection in the live part of her tail.

While banding is a commonly used method of tail docking, it is generally practiced in puppies that are 48-72 hours old at the hands of breeders. The tail will then typically fall off within three days.  This can be a very painful process for dogs as we have seen with Ginger, imagnine a young puppy having to undergo such a procedure.  Ginger cries out in pain when we touch her tail.  

Tail docking in dogs for cosmetic purposes is not medically indicated nor of benefit to the dog. This procedure can be very painful and cause a lot of distress.  The risks dogs face in undergoing this type of procedure include blood loss and infection.  Reasons for tail docking such as cosmetic, hunting, and hygiene in today's modern society are sorely outdated.

For Ginger, the damage has been done. Since her tail was not docked properly and is beyond saving, she must undergo surgery to have her tail removed and will most likely be on antibiotics to prevent infection.  Ginger Needs your help immediately. This surgery will cost a minimum of $200.  If you are able to make a contribution toward her care, please visit our DONATE page.

Contributions for Ginger's surgery can also be mailed to:
Denkai Animal Sanctuary
36710 WCR 126
Grover, CO 80729
Contact us by phone at: (970) 352-5330

Hours of Operation:
Monday and Tuesday by Appointment
Weds-Sunday 10am-6 pm

December 20, 2011

Trey is an adorable 3 year old Miniature Schnauzer.  He was witnessed by his rescuers being thrown out the window of a moving vehicle, completely tragic.  The people just kept driving and left him on the road.

Trey has entered Denkai and thankfully has no broken bones from being thrown.  He is very trusting, great with everybody, loves the other dogs and somehow still happy to see people, no matter who it is.

If you are able to give Trey a permanent, cruelty free home, please visit our Adopt page and come on in for a visit!

11 Puppy Mill Dogs Enter Denkai

Cruelly Tossed from a Moving Vehicle, Trey's Trust Still Intact 

(Photos: Just some of the many beautiful mill dogs at Denkai right now in need)

The life of a puppy mill dog is nothing short of horrifying.  They are tools of the dog breeding industry, their comfort, emotional well being and health are all too often overlooked as they stare out from confinement of their small kennel, which they live a lifetime, eating, defecating, and birthing litter after litter of puppies day in and day out. 

Denkai has taken in many mill dogs over the years, the story is always the same.  Dogs covered in their own urine and fecal matter, dogs that are ten years old and just finished birth
ing a litter of puppies, females with mammary tumors from over breeding, blindness, most of the dogs have teeth that are rotting out of their mouths and causing infections that become life-threatening.  On top of all this, these mill dogs generally have had little to no socialization.

Denkai has taken in nine Pomeranians and one Yorkshire Terrier from a breeding situation here in Colorado.  Each of these dogs range in age from 5 - 10 years.  All of these little dogs are suffering from severed dental disease.  So far, the four we have been able to do dental work on have had to have most all of their teeth pulled due to severe infection.  This is costing Denkai $200 per dog thanks to generous veterinary discounts.   We need your help in order to continue to fund care for a remaining 6 pomeranians who are still in need of veterinary care.  Help us to raise a total of $1,200 and save the lives of these precious souls.

Most of these babies have been pretty socialized, but there are a few that need more help.  If you can not make a cash donation and would like to foster one of these pups, please contact us through our
How to Help Section.

Lola Gives Birth to 7 Puppies in a Barn
December 10, 2011

Momma Lola is a stray Catahuola mix dog.  She was found in a barn near Wray, CO after birthing her 7 puppies thanksgiving day.  This is a most amazing dog.  She not only survived freezing temperatures, but managed to keep her puppies healthy.  They were then brought to a local foster home in Wray, where they gained strength and weight.  This lovely family will be available for adoption in 5 weeks after the puppies are weaned.  In the meantime, we are searching for a loving foster family for them!  Lola is great with other dogs and cats and loves children. She is also very well house-trained.

Update: Momma and pups are in a foster home and doing really well!  They will be adoptable the week of January 20!

From Texas with Love!
December 10, 2011

Three lucky dogs made an 1100 mile trek to come to our Adoption Center Facility today!  One loving, caring individual made the trek after searching for a no-kill organization throughout Texas.  Everywhere she called was full, so Jennifer began searching out of state.  Through her observations, many dogs are running as strays on the side of the roads in her area of Texas, something we don't see much here in Colorado. Darla, Jesse and Baxter are all very lucky dogs.  Darla tested positive for heart worm and will be undergoing treatment for that as soon as possible thanks to a very generous donation from Jennifer.  Jesse and Baxter are both completely adorable and wonderful and are available for adoption immediately.

Update: 10/15/2011
Jesse Pictured on the left and Baxter on the right have been adopted

Darla (middle) is at Broadview in Denver receiving treatment for heartworms and is doing well. She will then go to a wonderful foster home while she recovers.

Update: 12/20/2011: Darla was treated for Heart Worm and has been residing in a foster home for her recovery!

Titan the Friendly Pit Bull
December 7, 2011

Found running in a Milliken trailer park starving for food, Titan was picked up by Milliken's Police Department.  He came to our facility very thin with severe hair loss and callouses on his buttocks.  It seems as though this friendly guy had been kept on a chain and sitting on hard surfaces for far too long. Titan hates to be away from us, he literally just wants to be in our lap. When he first entered, he was so hungry all he wanted to do was eat.

Titan had on a leather collar with spikes and as you can see from his second photo here, his neck is rubbed raw from either an allergic reaction to the leather and or being on a chain.  The callouses on his buttocks in photo 3 show the extreme at which he was housed, either on concrete or rough ground for a VERY long time. 

Titan is seeking a home or foster home.  He is adorable, sweet and a total ladies man.  We can only imagine what torture it was for him to have gone through what he has.

Update: 10/15/2011

Titan desperately needs a foster home.  He is a great dog and it has been complete torture for him to not have a home. Please let us know if you can foster him! (970) 352-5330

Denkai's most recent Horse Rescue!

November 16, 2011

These two horses were turned loose this spring of 2011 by their owners here in Colorado to survive on their own because their owners decided they could no longer afford to feed them.  These horses were found on Forest Service land in Harris Park, CO just last week after local animal advocates became aware of the situation, they contacted Denkai begging for help in taking these two wonderful horses in.

After tracking down the current owners and  getting them to turn over brand inspection and surrender these horses to Denkai, our wonderful network of volunteers transported these two to our Adoption Center location.  The gelding is in pretty rough shape, he has a bad cut on his rear leg that had mostly healed, a bloody nose that finally stopped after two days and definitely guards his food.  One more month on their own and these two would not have survived.

As soon as they have recovered, these lucky horses will be in need of caring, forever homes. Updates will be posted on the Rescue Stories page!

November 18, 2011
We just picked up this gelding, running down CR 73 in Severance, CO! Hopefully the owner will reclaim him!

Update:  The owners do not wish to keep this horse, we are working to gain ownership in an effort to adopt him to a responsible home.  He is ride-able, would be a great beginner horse for somebody.

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