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Denkai has had many wonderful farm animals through its doors over the years.   Some have been picked up by local animal control as escapees, some have come from other Sanctuaries that needed our help, and many others have been a result of factory farming.

We want to make sure that the difference between factory farming and ranching is understood.  Farm animals raised on ranches generally are humanely treated during their lifetime, though they are being raised as food, they are allowed the proper space, veterinary care and area to roam that is needed.  The ranchers we know are wonderful, hard working and dedicated individuals, they care about their animals, their community and their families.

Factory farming, is where focus needs to be in an effort to create more humane treatment for farm animals.  Factory farms view nimals as products and byproducts of the industry. Rarely does a sick animal receive needed veterinary care and they are crammed together, quantity and production is the main focus of this industry.

Denkai is surrounded by factory farms. Pigs, Goats, Chickens, Sheep and Turkeys are just a few of the animals being factory farmed in our county.

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PMU Farms PMU or Pregnant Mare Urine has been used in a drug called Premarin as a treatment for menopause treatment in women.  These farms are largely based in Canada.  Pregnant Mares are forced to stand in small box stalls with a catheter to their bladder while heavily pregnant.  The foals and babies of this industry are tossed aside as byproducts and have routinely gone to slaughter if not lucky enough to be rescued first.  Visit this link for in-depth information:

Denkai has housed a PMU mare over the past six years, we named her Jade.  Jade was rescued nine years ago from a Canadian PMU farm by an individual here in the United States.  She was around nine years old then. The gorgeous thoroughbred cross mare tried her luck with many top notch trainers in our area, but in the end, it was determined that she would never be trainable.  So she came to Denkai.  

Jade carries the emotional and physical scars of being on that PMU farm.  Her hind legs have deep scars where she was obviously tied for breeding and urine collection.  Due to this rough treatment, she learned never to kick..  It took three years for Jade to trust us to halter her. Even now, she will still react out of fear, striking and biting, but never kicking, those were injuries learned.. Humans are bad.. Humans are scary.  This is what she learned at the PMU farm.  She will never fully trust us, this we have learned.  We have NEVER had a horse come through that would not join up with us until Jade.  She has truly suffered due to human callousness.

Charlotte, once a tiny piglet rescued by Larimer Humane Society and since residing with Denkai Animal Sanctuary has grown over the last two years from a 150 pound playful piglet into the beautiful and sweet 800 pound hog that she is! 

Follow Charlottes's good life at Denkai Sanctuary via her Facebook Page!

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