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Human Animal Bond



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 Do you ever notice that when having a bad day, the presence of your pet; cat, dog, horse seems to make you smile?

Does your dog signal before you have an asthma attack and seem to know just what you need?

Are you able to tell when your horse has a belly ache or just isn't feeling well in general?

Have you experienced an autistic child with their dog, the changes and calming effect that pet can have?
    Then you have experienced the power of the human animal bond!  This is now recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association and has made waves in our medical industry as well.

    Denkai works on a daily basis to promote the human animal bond.  We do this through school programs, our on-site equine therapy program with youth in crisis, and in working with people with disabilities to make a bonded match with one of our rescued animals. Thanks to a grant from the Colorado Medical Association, Denkai has been able to continue this program.

    Denkai has worked directly with:

    War veterans dealing with post traumatic stress disorders,
    Youth in Crisis
    Disabled Citizens
    Individuals with Asbergers and Autism
    The Homeless

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