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By making a contribution to our Equine Fund, you are saving lives and helping us to provide the following services to our local and national community:
  • Castration Clinics
  • Funding and resources for proper farrier care
  • Hay/Feed in emergency and short term assistance situations
  • Funding to responsible equine owners toward vaccinations and other medical needs on a low-income basis. 
  • Funding toward training for equine owners and rescue groups as available.
  • Euthanasia funding for quality/end of life for owned equine.

All of the above items are issues that we have come across over the past twelve years as a not for profit organization and each service has been highly successful in helping horse owners to retain their equine rather than turn them over to sale barns, already overburdened rescue groups, or walking away and abandoning their animals.

Denkai Partners Annually with CSU for our Equine Castration Clinic located in Larimer County, CO.  We typically see stallions from all over Northern Colorado and Wyoming at this clinic.  Most of these owners tell us that they were either going to do the gelding themselves, without proper medical knowledge or they were going to have get rid of the stud because the cost to geld is too high. 


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