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Capital Campaign
$110,000.00 has been raised toward a minimum $100,000 goal as of January 16, 2013

Denkai is currently focusing our Capital Campaign on our Grover facility. 

When the Grover facility was purchased, Denkai was able to successfully raise a down payment and work with the seller to carry the note for us, however it has been four years and this note balloons in May of 2013.  Denkai needs a total of $383,000 to continue forward with its mission of saving animals in need.

Our Grover Site, where homeless pets come for safety, rehabilitation, and in search of a new home, currently houses up to 200 animals on any given day. Located in a rural and underserved area where resources are minimal for abandoned and neglected animals, Denkai's Grover Facility is the largest and most versatile facility of its kind.  Denkai provides services locally and nationally for municipalities, sheriff's departments, and pet owners.

In order for Denkai to realize its potential, we have embarked upon a capital campaign with an ambitious, yet attainable goal of $383,000 to purchase our Sanctuary facility near Grover, CO.

The success of the capital campaign and Denkai will require our many friends and supporters, old and new, with your help, we will carry on for the animals.

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  1. Financial and Purchase History of Denkai Grover
  2. What we need by When
  3. What Denkai Grover Is and Does
  4. Who We Help
  5. Why This Facility is Important
  6. Plans for the Future

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