Animals & Youth in Crisis
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Kindness and Peace

Building an Educational Sanctuary for Abandoned, Abused and Neglected Animals.


Have items to donate?  Here is what we need:

Structural Pipe - 2 3/8" 10,000 lineal feet
Loafing Sheds - 3 10'x12'
Materials for a 40x60' Machine Shop
Fruit Trees acclimated to the area

In the beginning, Denkai was founded with a vision of peace and kindness, one that would unite animals in need, youth in crisis, and build a facility that would sustain itself in every way.  Fifteen years later, Denkai has left a large footprint throughout the United States and especially in Northern Colorado.  Denkai grew and grew, the need for the services we were providing was endless and the fundraising to make that happen was also endless.  Our board of directors reassessed and decided it was time to scale back a bit and take Denkai back to its roots, get the organization free of debt, and do what we had set out to do in the first place.  So here we are in the gorgeous southwest part of Colorado, surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, endless national parks and archaeological sites and a hop skip and a jump away from the Four Corners.

We have successfully purchased a twenty acre parcel of land after having sold three facilities in Weld County, CO. Our debt has been eliminated and now we can focus on the animals who need us, the youth who can become productive members of society through helping those animals, and working on building sustainability for the future.

Your help is needed. We have infrastructure to add that includes fencing, shelters, hay storage and machine shop, and the planting of our memorial fruit trees, wonderful herbs and vegetable gardens in the spring!  The total amount of funding needed to make this required infrastructure possible is $50,000.  We are doing our best to keep cost down and to keep the animals safe with sturdy pipe fencing.